These radios have already been sold.  This page has a large number of photographs in each radio category.  If you have a slow connection and a slow modem, be patient while these pictures load.  Many of these radios were repaired and restored, while other were sold as we found them.  All were sold in great electrical working condition.  You will note that we have not posted prices for these.  Prices on antique radios vary widely based on physical condition, style of the radio, electrical condition and other market conditions.  Furthermore, prices vary widely based on availability between the east and west coast of the US.  You can get a general idea of non-working, non restored radios in the Marty Bunis book of values on antique radios that we sell in our new book section for NEW BOOKS.  If you want further information about specific radios or need an appraisal for an estate, contact us via email.  To see radios that REA has for sale currently, go to RADIOS FOR SALE.

Categories are:

Wood Radios - Covers both table radios and consoles - all ages

Bakelite & Plastic - Covers all bakelite & plastic style radios - all ages

Plaskon & Catalin - Covers special type plastics & resin formed radios

Zenith "Long-Distance" & Trans-Oceanic - covers all models of Zenith Trans-Oceanic radios, Zenith "Long-Distance" radios,  and Zenith Trans-Oceanic look-alike models

German Table Radios - Covers all makes and models of European style radios

Communications-Short Wave Radios - Covers communication receivers, amateur radio receivers and shortwave radios by domestic manufacturers

Amateur-Ham Radio - Covers Amateur Radio only type equipment including receivers, transmitters and other related amateur radio equipment

Phonographs - Covers 50's style 45rpm phonographs by various manufacturers, some without speakers and amplifiers, some with, even some with retractable tops.

Transistors - Covers primarily simages transistor radios

Novelty-Unsuals - Covers unusual radios, speaker horns, and other unusual radio related items including microphones