Service Schematic Series Information

If your radio was made between 1946 and 1952, we may be able to provide a Riders schematic for it.  However most service people like the Service Manual Series type schematics better than Riders.  These are premium service manuals covering radios, tv's, amplifiers, phonographs and more from 1946 to about 1963.  They usually come with pictures, parts lists, schematics, alignment information, dial cord info and more.  Most of our service manuals are the original factory manuals as originally produced by each factory for their servicemen and agencies.


Generally speaking, radios and televisions manufactured after 1946 are available in the Service Schematic Series or from original factory service manuals. They cover the following categories as follows:

RADIO-TV          Service Schematic Series
TSM -                Transistorized Radios
AR -                   Auto Radios
TR -                   Reel To Reel Tape Recorders
HI-FI -                Hi-Fidelity
CB -                  Citizens Band Radios
VCR -                Video Cassette Recorders
SD -                   Scanners

You need to order with the make and model and/or chassis for the radio that you need a schematic for.  You should assume if it is before 1964, we will have it.  If we do not have it, we will email or call you for more information.  All schematics that are reproduced from the Schematic Series Sets" and are $ 18.95 each + S&H.  If your service manual is not in the "normal" Schematic Series Sets and is in the other archive libraries, the price per service manual is generally listed in the A-Z owners/service manual listings on our primary web page at  Generally speaking most Radio and TV schematics are in the regular set folders, while everything else will be from the archives and factory original service manuals and at the higher cost.  This pricing policy is different from the past where the price depended on the number of pages.  This was somewhat confusing and when asked how much a manual would be, we would not generally know without having to go to the archives and count the pages.  So we are trying to make this less confusing and fairer to all of our customers.  So once again, Radio and TV schematic data is $ 18.95 per set, specialty manuals are $ 25.00 each and original factory owners/service manuals are priced as listed in the A-Z listings.

Searching:  If you do not have a model and make for a radio set, we can search for a proper manual that would cover what you have.  To do this we must have pictures of the item, front and back, number of tubes or transistors and how many of each kind (if known), and any numbering or chassis information on the radio (this is very important).

Pricing - Printed Manuals - all via mail + S&H

Description Printed Or Email Price Search Price Search + Email
Radios and TV 18.95 35.00 38.00
Transistor Radios 25.00 35.00 38.00
Auto Radios 25.00 35.00 38.00
HI-FI 25.00 35.00 38.00
CB 25.00 35.00 38.00
VCR 25.00 35.00 38.00
Scanners 25.00 35.00 38.00

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We can E-Mail a schematic service manual  and we send these to you as an E-Mail attachment as a convenience to you or in case that you are in a big hurry to get the schematic.   Most E-Mail schematics will get to your email box the same day you order.  Since PDF files now seem to be the most popular format and most computer users already have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded or already installed on their computer, all of our emails will be sent as a PDF file attached to your email address.  If the manual is larger than 10mb in size, we will send you a direct link for downloading the PDF file that you need.  Make sure you put your email address down accurately, as you cannot believe how many half baked email addresses we get with mistakes and even the extensions missing.  


We only do search schematics or manuals for radio equipment.  If your unit is not normally listed, we can do a search, but need a lot of information about how many tubes, how many of each kind, physical description and even a digital picture sent to our email adddress.  If unsure what our email address is, hit the contact us button on most pages and we will answer you back with our email address so you can send your digital picture of your radio. 

A search in our Service Schematic Series is $ 35 and we will do out best to get the proper one for your specific radio, but please help us out by being very verbal about the information that we need.  Fill out the form below for a search . . .

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