Riders - Gernsback - Bietman
Old Schematics Data 1915 to about 1950

Please read carefully, it will help you to search and to order your schematic diagrams

The Riders series was the most complete collection of radio schematics for the radio serviceman.  John F. Rider produced 23 volumes of schematics covering about 120,000 radios with 45,000 different schematic diagrams.  Many people have radios that are not in his compilation.  In fact, in the very early days of radio, many were built from purchased parts on kitchen tables, garages, basements, etc.  If the person doing the building was successful and had good merchandising skills, then perhaps his company became one of the names below.  This list was extracted from our CD-ROM and DVD series and if you have a radio that matches one of these names, we most probably have the schematic.  Take a look at the list below and at the bottom of the page, we will give you a way to order a schematic diagram.  if you do not find the one you have, don't give up, because we can probably find a schematic using a search. If your radio is not in this list of manufacturer's names, we can do a SEARCH SCHEMATIC.  Tell us what the tube numbers and how many of each type and we can find a suitable schematic based on the tubes in your radio.

Riders CD-Database series (6 CD's) - available for $ 299

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WHO MADE WHAT RADIOS? (Extracted from our Rider's Index)

A. H. Grebe & Co.
A-C Dayton Company
Acme Apparatus Company
Acme Electric & Mfg. Co.
Acratest Products
Adaptol Company
Advance Electric Co.
Aero Products, Inc. (Hoodwin)
Aero-Metal Products
Aeromotive Equipment Corp.
Aetna (Walgreen)
Affiliated Retailers, Inc. (Artone)
Air Castle (Radio Products & Spiegel)
Air King Products Corp.
Airadio Inc.
Airline (Montgomery Ward)
Alamo Electronics Corp.
Alden, Inc.
Algene Radio Corp.
All American Mohawk (Wurlitzer)(Lyric)
Allen B. Dumont Labs., Inc.
Allied Purchasing, Inc. (Aria)
Allied Radio Corp. (Knight)
Altec Lansing Corp.
Ambassador Distributor Corp.
American Bosch (United American Bosch & Fred M. Link)
American Communications Corp.
American Foundation For Blind. Inc.
American Merri-lei
American Transformer Co.
Amrad Corporation (Crosley)
Andrea Radio Corp.
Ansley Radio Corp.
Apex Radio and TV Corp.
Appel & Henderson
Approved Electronic Instr. Corp.
Arc Radio Corp.
Argus Radio
Ariel Radio Inc.
Art Radio Co.
Arvin (Noblitt-Sparks)
Associated Merchandising Corp. (AMC)
Atchison Radio
Atlas Coil Winders, Inc.
Atlas Supply Co.
Atwater Kent
Audar Inc.
Audiola Radio Co. (Fairbanks-Morse)
Austin Radio Mfg. Co.
Autocrat Radio Corp.
Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.
Avalon Radio Co.
Aviola Radio Corp.
Aztec Radio Co.
B.F. Goodrich (Mantola)
Balkeit Radio (1st National Radio)
Barker Bros.
Bell Disc
Belle Electronics Corp.
Belmont Radio Corp.
Bendix Radio Div.
Brandes Products Corp. (Kolster Radio)
Bremer-Tully Mfg. Co.
Brenard Mfg. Co.
Breting Radio Mfg. Co.
Browning Drake
Browning Laboratories, Inc.
Brunswick Div. Mersman Bros.
Brunswick-Balke-Collender (Panatrope)
Buckingham Radio Corp.
Buick Motor (United Motors Service)
Bulova Watch Company
Bush and Lane Piano Co.
Butler Brothers
C. R. C.
C. R. Leutz, Inc.
Cable Nelson (Howard Radio)
Cadillac Div. - General Motors (La Salle)
Calvert Motor Associates
Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd.
Canadian Westinghouse Co., Ltd.
Capehart Corporation
Capehart-Farnsworth (Farnsworth TV & Radio Corp.)
Capitol Radio Corporation
Carr-Nagy Corp.
Carter Genemotor Corp.
Case Electric Corp. (U.S. Radio & TV)
Cavalcade Radio Co.
Century Radio Products Co.
Champion Radio (Ferguson)
Charles Freshman Company
Charles Hoodwin Co. (Aero Products)
Chevrolet Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service)
Cities Service Oil Co. (Cisco)
Clago Radio Corp.
Clarified Schematics
Cleartone Radio Corp.
Climax Radio & Television Co, Inc.
Coast to Coast Radio Corp.
Colin B. Kennedy Corp.
Collins Audio Products Co.
Colonial Radio Corp.
Columbia Phonograph Co.
Columbia Radio Corp.
Commonwealth Radio Mfg. Co.
Concord Radio Corp. (Lincoln Radio)
Continental Radio & Television Corp.
Corona Radio & Telev. Corp.
Coronet Radio & Television Co.
Crescent Industries, Inc.
Crosley Corp.
Crystal Products
David Bogen Co., Inc.
David Grimes, Inc.
De Forest Radio Co.
Delco Radio Corp.
Detrola Corp.
DeWald Radio Mfg. Corp. (Pierce-Airo)
Dictograph Products Co., Inc.
Dual Engineering Corp.
Dumont Labs
Earl Radio Corp.
Echophone Radio Corp. (Hallicrafters)
Eckenroth Co., Inc.
Eckstein Radio and Television Co. (Ecko, Karadio)
Edison-Bell Co., Inc.
Edward's FM Radio Corp.
Electrad, Inc.
Electric & Automotive Prod. Co.
Electric Auto Lite Co.
Electric Spec. Export Corp.
Electrical Research Lab (Sentinal)(ERLA)
Electro Acoustic Products Co.
Electromatic Mfg. Corp.
Electronic Corp. of America (ECA)
Electronic Laboratories, Inc.
El-Rey Radio Mfg. Co.
Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp.
Emor Radio Ltd.
Empire Designing Corp.
Empire Electrical Products
Empire Mfg. Corp.
Espey Mfg. Co., Inc.
Experimenter's Info. Service
F.A.D. Andrea (FADA)
F.J. Fitzgerald Co.
F.M. Specialties, Inc.
Fada Radio & Electric Co., Inc. (FADA)
Fairbanks Morse & Co.
Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp.
Farrand Mfg. Company
Federal Radio Corp.
Federal Recorder
Federal Telephone and Radio Corp.
Federated Purchaser (Acratest)
Ferguson Radio, Inc. (Champion)
Ferranti, Inc.
Ferrar Radio and Television Corp.
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (Air Chief)
Flush Wall Radio Co. (Renard Radio & TV Corp.)
Fonotalk Corp.
Ford Motor Car Co. (Pailco)
Fordson Radio Mfg. Co.
Franklin Radio Corp.
Freed Radio & Television Corp.
Fulton Radio Corp.
Galvin Mfg. Co. (Motorola)
Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)
Garod Radio Corp.
Garrard Eng. & Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Gates Radio & Supply Co.
General Electric Co. (Old RCA)
General Electronics Corp.
General Household Utilities Co.
General Implement Corp.
General Industries Co.
General Instruments Corp.
General Motors Radio Corp.
General Radio Company
General Telev. & Radio Corp.
General Television, Inc.
George W. Walker Co.
Gilfillan Bros. Inc.
Globe Electronics, Inc.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc.
Gray and Danielson Mfg. Co.
Graybar Electric Co. (Old RCA)
Grigsby-Grunow Co. (Grunow)
Gulbransen Co.
Hallicrafters, Inc.
Halson Radio Corp.
Hamilton Radio Co.
Hammarlund Mfg. Co.
Hammarlund-Roberts, Inc.
Hammond Instrument Co.
Harold Shevers, Inc.
Harris Mfg. Co.
Hatry & Young
Heath Company
Herbert H. Horn
Hetro Electrical Industries
Hickok Elect. Instrument Co.
High Frequency Laboratories
Hoffman Radio Corp. (Mission-Bell)
Howard Radio Co.
Hudson Motor Car Co.
Hudson-Ross, Inc.
Industrial Electronic Corp.
Insuline Corp. of America (ICA)
International Ind. (Kadette)
International Radio Corp. (Kadette)
Interocean Radio Corp.
Interstate Home Equipment Co.
Interstate Stores Buying Corp. (Plymouth)
J.E. Jenkins & S.E. Adair
J.P. Seeburg Corp.
Jackson Bell Co., Ltd.
Jackson Industries
Jackson Radio & Television Co.
Jackson Research Lab.
Jefferson Electric Mfg. Co.
Jefferson Travis Corp.
Jesse French Export Co.
Jewel Electrical Instrument Co.
John F. Rider
John Meck Industries, Inc.
Kaar Engineering Co.
Kadette Radio Corp. (International Radio)
Kappler Co.
Karadio Corp.
Keller Fuller (Radiette)
Kellogg SwitchBoard & Supply Co.
Kernwood Radio Corp.
Ketay Mfg. Corp.
King Mfg. Corp.
Kingston Products Corp.
Knight (Allied Radio)
Kodel Radio Corp.
Kolster Radio Corp. (Brandes)
Kraft Mfg. & Dist. Co.
Krakauer Bros.
Krohler Mfg. Co.
L & L Electric Co.
L. Tatro Products Corp.
La Magna Mfg. Co. (LAMCO)
Lafayette Radio Mfg. Co. (Radio Wire TV)
Lang Radio Co.
Larkin Co., Inc.
Laurehk Mfg. Co.
Leander Electronics Corp.
Lear, Inc.
Lear-Wuerful Co.
Lewol Mfg. Corp.
Lewyt Corp.
Lincoln Radio Corp.
Lytle & Canon
Madison Moore
Magna Electronic Corp.
Magnavox Co.
Maguire Industries, Inc. (Meissner)
Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. (Grigsby-Grunow)
Major Laboratories
Marconiphone, Inc. (Marconi Bros. Inc.)
Mark Simpson (MASCO)
Marti Radio
Master Radio And Mfg. Co.
Mathematics of Radio
Mayo Laboratories Inc.
McMillan Radio Co.
McMurdo Silver, Inc.
Mectron Corp.
Meissner Mfg. Div. - Maguire Industries, Inc. (Brewster)
Mercantile (W.T. Knott, Cromwell)
Midwest Radio Corp.
Milwaukee Stamping Co.
Minerva Corp. of America
Mission Bell Radio Mfg. Co. Inc.
Mitchell Mfg. Co.
Molded Insulation Co.
Monarch Mfg. Co.
Monitor Equipment Corp.
Montgomery Ward & Co. (Airline)
Moto Meter Gauge & Equipment Co.
Motorola (Galvin)
Nassau Radio
Nathaniel Baldwin & Co.
National Acoustic Products
National Carbon Co. (Eveready)
National Co., Inc.
National Co-Operatives Inc.
National Page
National Service
National Transformer Co.
National Union Radio Corp.
Noblitt-Sparks Industries, Inc. (Arvin)
Norco Mfg. Co. (Remler)
Norden Hauck, Inc.
Northeastern Engineering Inc.
Northern Radio Co.
Oak Mfg. Co.
Oldsmobile Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service & Buick)
Olympic Radio & Television, Inc.
Operadio Corporation
Ozarka Inc.
P.R. Mallory & Co. (Elkon)
Pacent Reproducer Corp.
Pacific Radio Corp.
Pacific Radio Exchange
Packard Bell Co.
Packard Motor Car Co. (Philco)
Paramount Radio Co.
Parker Mc Crory Mfg. Co.
Patterson Radio Co.
Pentron Corporation
Perfectone, Inc.
Peter Pan Radio Co. (Jackson-Bell)
Philco Radio & Television Corp.
Philharmonic Radio Corp.
Phillips Petroleum Co. (Woolaroc)
Pierce-Airo Inc. (DeWald Radio)
Pierson-De Lane Co.
Pilgrim Electric Corp.
Pilot Radio Corp.
Pin-It-Up Radio Corp.
Pioneer Radio Corporation
Plaza Music Co.
Polo Engineering Lab (Radolek)
Pontiac Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service)
Porto-Products, Inc.
Porto-Server Inc.
Precision Radio Products Mfg. Co.
Premier Crystal Labs, Inc.
Promenette Radio & Television Corp.
Pure Oil Corp.
Purotone Radio Corp.
R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc.
R.E. LaCault
R.H. Macy & Co.
R.K. Radio Laboratories, Inc. (Arkay)
Radiart Labs.
Radio & Telev. Products Co. (Karola)
Radio & Television, Inc. (Brunswick)
Radio Chassis, Inc.
Radio Circular Co.
Radio Craftsmen
Radio Development & Research Corp. (Magic Tone)
Radio Displays Co.
Radio Electrical Service Co.
Radio Engineering Labs.
Radio Kits, Inc.
Radio Mfg. Engineers, Inc.
Radio Products Corp. (Clipper, Continental)
Radio Receptor Co.
Radio Wire Television (Lafayette Radio)
Radiobar Company of America
Radionic Equipment Co. (Chancellor)
Radolek Co. (Polo)
Rauland Corp.
Ray-Energy Radio & Telev. Corp.
Raymond Rosen & Co.
Raytheon Mfg. Co.
Readrite Meter Works
Reese Mace (John Wanamaker)
Regal Electronics Corp.
Remler Company, Ltd.
Republic Industries
Rexel Merchandise Co.
RGH Mfg. Co.
Rim Radio Mfg. Co.
Robert-Lawrence Electronics Corp.
Rocke International Electric Corp.
Rod Radio Mfg. Co.
Roots Auto Radio Mfg. Corp.
Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. (All-American Mohawk)
Russell Electric Co.
Ryan Sales Co.
Samson Electric Co.
Savil Radio Engineering Corp.
Scott Radio Labs., Inc.
Scott Transformer Co.
Sea Pal Radio Co.
Searle Aero Industries, Inc.
Sears Roebuck & Co. (Silvertone)
Seiberling Rubber Co.
Sentinel Radio Corp.
Setchell Carlson, Inc.
Shamrock Radio
Shelley Radio Co.
Sheridan Electronics Corp.
Short Wave & TV Lab., Inc.
Signal Electronics, Inc.
Silver - Marshall, Inc.
Simmons Co.
Simplex Radio Co.
Sky Rover (Butler Bros.)
Sky-Chief Radio Corp.
Sobol Bros.
Sonora Phonograph Co., Inc.
Sonora Radio & Telev., Corp.
Soundview Marine Co.
Sparks-Withington Co. (Sparton)
Spiegel Inc. (Air Castle)
Splitdorf Radio Corp. (Thomas A. Edison Inc.)
Standard Radio Corporation
Stanley Service Station
Stark Sound Engineering
Star-Raider (Continental Radio)
Steinite Radio Co.
Stenode Radiostat
Sterling Mfg. Co.
Stewart-Warner Corp.
Story & Clark Radio Corp.
Stromberg Carlson Co.
Studebaker Laboratories
Supertone Products Co., Inc.
Supreme Instruments Corp.
Supreme Radio
Sylvania Electric Products
Symphony Radio & Telev. Corp.
Taffet Radio & Telev. Co.
Tele King
Telechron, Inc.
Telecoin Corp.
Tele-tone Radio Corp.
Temple Corporation (Templetone)
Texan Radio Mfg. Co.
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Thordarson Electric Mfg. Co.
Thorens Inc.
Todd Electric Company
Transformer Corp. of America
Transvision Inc.
Traveler Radio & Television Corp.
Triangle Electric Co. (Imperial)
Triplett Electrical Instrument Co.
Troy Radio & Telev. Co.
True Value (Spencer)
Turner Co.
Tyrman Electric Corp.
U.S. Radio & Television Corp. (Apex, Gloritone)
Ultramar Mfg. Corp.
United Air Cleaner Corp. (Sentinel)
United American Bosch Corp.
United Motors Service - Delco
United Reproducers Corp. (Kylectron)(Peerless)
United States Electric Corp
United States Television Mfg. Co.
Universal Battery Co.
Valley Electric Company
Viewtone Company
V-Letrical Engineering Co.(Watterson Radio Mfg. Corp.)
V-M Corporation
Voco Radio Mfg. Co., Inc.
W.B. Sleeper
W.T. Grant Company
W.T. Knott Co. (Cromwell, Mercantile)
Walgreen Co.
Ware Manufacturing Corp.
Warner Engineering Corp. LTD.
Warwick Mfg. Corp.
Watterson Radio Mfg. Co.
Webster Electrical Corp. (Webster-Chicago)
Wells-Gardner & Co.
Western Air Patrol
Western Auto Supply Co. (Truetone)
Western Auto Supply of California (Coronado)
Western Electric Co.
Western Radio Mfg. Co.
Western Royal
Westinghouse Elec. International Co.
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Weston Electrical Instrument Co.
Westone Radio Corp.
Wextark Radio, Inc. (Allied Radio)
Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc.
Wilcox-Gay Corp.
William J. Murdock Co.
Wirecorder Corp.
Zaney-Gill Transformer Corp
Zenith Radio Corp.
Zephyr Radio Co.

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