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So you want to learn how to restore and repair radios!  Well, after 15 years we finally found "THE" study course by RCA Institutes.  We have converted this self-study course to a CD-ROM electronic publication.  This course assumes you know nothing but you can skip around if you are familiar with some of the lesson materials.  This course contains 40 lessons in Theory, 40 lessons for Experiments and 40 Service Practices lessons.  It is extremely well written and easy to understand.  Many graduates of the RCA Institutes went on for Associate Degrees and many attained PhD's and are well known in their fields . . . so this CD-ROM course is "THE" course for Radio and Television.  The best news is that this entire course is brought to you by Radio Era Archives for a very reasonable price!  The lessons may be viewed on your computer or may be printed lesson by lesson or page by page.  The CD-ROM runs on a personal computer using a Windows operating system.  And now we have a PDF edition as well.  Here are the two index pages that show you what is in this fabulous training course.  Scroll on down the page for more information and a way to order this course.  This digital training course will last a lifetime in its digital form.  Using this course is like having 120 books on a shelf with a lesson in each book except you don't clutter up your hard drive on your computer with anything as you just use the CD-ROM when you need it . . .  Another fabulous resource CD-ROM publication from Radio Era Archives

Each Subject is a separate chapter in this series.  There are three sections with 40 lessons in each section; Theory, Experiments, and Service Practice


Wave Motion & Communication
Schematic Symbols and How To Use Them
How to Use Color Codes
Electron Theory & Current
Ohm's Law & Primary Cells
Secondary Cells
D-C Circuits
Power & Voltage Division
Magnetism & Electromagnetism
D-C Meter Theory
D-C and A-C Generators
Alternating Current
A-C Circuits
Basic Filters and Time Constants
Triodes, Multi-grids & Multi-purpose Tubes
Power Supplies 1
Power Supplies II
Electron Tube Constants
Voltage Amplifier
Audio Power Amplification
Bias Methods and Basic Audio-Amplifier Design
Decibels, Microphones, and Loudspeakers
Detector Circuits
TRF Receivers
Principles of Superhetrodyne Receivers
Frequency Conversion
Wave Propagation & Antennas
Multiband & Commercial Receivers
Volume & Tone Control Circuits
Special Circuits
Principles of Frequency Modulation
FM Detectors
Introduction to Television
Principles of Television Receivers
Principles of Color Television


How to solder
How to do advanced soldering
Starting the Multimeter Assembly
Electrostatic Experiments
Continuing the Multimeter Assembly
Experiments with Cells
Meter Assembly & Measurement of D.C.
Resistance Measurement
Power Measurement
Magnetic Experiments
Calculation of  Multiplexers & Shunts
Meter Assembly & A-C Measurements
Generator and Transformer Experiments
Inductance Experiments
Capacitance Experiments
Resonance Experiments
Rectification Experiments
Filter Experiments
Triode Experiments
Signal Generator Assembly I
Signal Generator Assembly II
Electron Tube Experiments
Voltage-Amplifier Experiments
Power Amplifier Experiments
Bias Experiments
Impedance-Matching Experiments
Detector Experiments
Radio-Frequency Experiments
I-F Amplifier Experiments
Oscillator Experiments
Frequency-Conversion Experiments
R-F Stage, Antenna & Shielding Experiments
Alignment of Superhetrodyne Receivers
Decibel Measurement Experiments
Volume and Tone Control Experiments
Bandwidth Experiments
Troubleshooting Experiments I
Troubleshooting Experiments II
Troubleshooting Experiments III
Troubleshooting Experiments IV


How to Identify Receiver Parts
How to Use Tools
How to Identify Radio & TV Hardware
How to Install a Radio Receiver
How to Erect Antennas
How to Repair and Polish Cabinets
How to Read Meters
How to Understand Meter Readings
How to Remove Chassis & Locate Simple Defects
How to Test Tubes
Dial Cords & Tuning systems
Battery & Three-way Portable Receivers
How to Test Resistors
How to Test Inductors
How to Test Capacitors
How to Use Catalogs & Service Data
Servicing When Receiver Is Not at Fault
Circuit Tracing
How to Troubleshoot a Radio Receiver
Special Tools
Checking & Servicing Switches
Phono & Recorder Motors
Tape Recorders
Phono Players & Pickups
Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter
Microphones & Loudspeakers
Public Address Systems I
Public Address Systems II
Transistor Fundamentals
Transistor Applications
AM & FM Signal Generators
Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope I
Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope II
High Fidelity
How to Check Hum
Using the Signal Generator & Signal Tracer to Troubleshoot
Installing & Servicing Auto Radios
FM Receivers
Printed Circuits
Practical Television Antennas & Transmission Lines

This course covers it all - much better than anything that we have ever found in the old radio literature and books that we have amassed over the past 15 years.  So order now . . . . The complete course is on a single CD-ROM.  Only $ 99 + S&H for Windows based personal computers.  In the USA the total is $ 105 shipped by first class mail.  Export price is $ 115 shipped by International First Class Mail.  The PDF edition is $ 130.00 + S&H or $ 136.00 total in the USA.  Export, total is $ 146.00.  You can order in the CD's category in the shopping cart or click below