From time to time, we get time to restore old radios and put them into our museum.  Then after sometime has elapsed, we sell them to make room for more (Small Museum!).  So we put them in the Radiostore to be sold.  These radios are from the earliest years up to the 60's.  Because there are so many, we have broken the radios down into the following categories to make it easier to find what you may be looking for - so click the links to get to these categories . . . . . if there is no link to any category, it means we are either working on this category or have none for sale at present.  Shipping Information:  There are 6 categories for packing and shipping charges.  We pack them like they are made of fine crystal so that they will get to you in perfect condition in spite of the freight carriers intentions of breaking anything that is rare, expensive and unusual.

We have had continuing requests to list some of the unrestored radios that we have and we tend to forget that many of you like to repair and restore these old beauties but can't find the one you are looking for.  So we have added a new category of UNRESTORED RADIOS and will add some as time permits.  Since this is a new category as of 11/09/03, it may be a week or so before some radios show up in this new category, so please drop back by to take a look.  Thanks - REA

Miniature Very Small Radios - packing $ 5, Shipping $ 10 continental USA plus insurance
Small Light-Weight Radios
- packing $ 10, Shipping $ 20 continental USA insured
Medium Size - Medium weight radios - Packing $ 20, Shipping $ 20 continental USA insured
Large Size - Heavier weight radios - Packing $ 30, Shipping $ 30 continental USA insured
Consoles - Packing $ 40, Shipping $ 80 continental USA insured
High Value & Weight Consoles - can cost (estimate) $ 400 for packing, shipping and insurance in CONUS (Continental USA)

Composite  - Consoles, Tabletop, Catalin, Plaskon, Art-Deco, Bakelite, Plastic, Trans-Oceanics

The below links are currently under construction and NOT WORKING

Tube Caddy's

Phonographs - all types

Communications - Military - HAM - Short-wave

Portable (AC and/or DC) & Transistor Radios

Unusual & Novelty Radios

Old Hi-Fi & Microphones