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Large table radios 80.00
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Telefunken Dacapo c.1951 German AM-FM-Shortwave Radio - exquisite condition, has been electrically restored and works perfectly with great sounding audio on all bands.  This is a fully authentic Telefunken early post WWII radio with a large full-range speaker, green tuning eye, illuminated dial assembly.  The case in in perfect condition, and is made of a dark walnut colored bakelite.  The volume control and tuning knobs are on the front of the radio and the band change knob is on the right hand side.  The radio has an internal antenna system that is working fine.  The radio sounds great and is 100% original, original case, grillecloth, tuning eye, tubes, back and even comes with a schematic diagram.  We replaced the AC cord with a new one and peaked up the radio - NICE.  Warranty





Musikthrue-Salzberg II

This is a wonderful floor standing stereo console.  It has sliding doors revealing the electronic controls on one side, and a pull out record changer and record storage on the other side.  The console has removable legs so the elevation (height) of the stereo can be "normal" or lowered without legs like a low-boy console.  The system is in great condition and is working perfectly.  Both the radio and phono are working well.  The radio is AM-FM and multiple shortwave bands.  This console is all original and is offered for a very reasonable price.  The buyer is responsible for shipping unless it is picked up and shipped from our store in Dallas, Texas.  Other than needing cleaning and some lemon oil, it is in good condition and is a prime example of a 50's German console

$ 395

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Tonfunk 1950's Restored Radio

If you haven't heard one of these European 1950's high fidelity radios, then you have missed a great deal of listening pleasure.  The Tonfunk is a line of radios very prevalent in the European market but rarely seen in the USA.  As a matter of fact, this is the first one we have every seen much less be able to purchase.  It has been electronically resstored and sounds fabulous on all bands.  Like most European 1950's Radios, it has full treble and bass controls and switches beteen orchestra full fidelity sound to solo for news broadcasts or talk shows.  It tunes AM, the American FM band, and shortwave from 6.5 to 18MHz and covers most of the worlds shortwave broadcast bands.  The cabinet is walnut colored and in very nice condition.  Besides the woofer and midrange speaker in the front of the cabinet, it has dual tweeters firing out each side of the cabinet.  The front has a white plaskon look to it, but we think it is an all white bezel that has aged and matured to a mellow ivory color.  It sounds terrific and if you like the 50's German radios, this is one you need to get. Warranty. Medium shipping rate.

$ 349

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Fonovox Kobel (Loewe-Opta)

This is a fully restored (electronically) Fonovox radio in exceptional condition.  This is a small table radio that would also go well in a kitchen due to its smaller size.  It sounds terrific, like all the 1950's radios from Europe  sounded.  The Fonovox is an AM and FM   radio and sounds terrific after restoration.  The radio cabinet is a dark walnut bakelite in exquisite condition.  It simply looks wonderful and sounds  that way too.  This radio was scaled down in size by eliminating the shortwave band, only using 3 keyboard style pushbuttons and by ganging the base and treble controls on the volume and tuning knobs. (Dual function).  You just won't find a better sounding small radio regardless of price. Light shipping rate.

$ 229

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This is a wonderful old tube radio from the late 1950's.  It has the American FM band from 88-108, AM and Shortwave as well.  It has built in provisions for running a turntable through the internal amplifier and speaker systems.  The case is bakelite and is in mint condition.  The radio has multiple speakers (woofer - tweeter) and sounds wonderful.  It has full bass and treble controls as well as the usual "piano" keys for operating the radio.  The images show some yellowing of the grillcloth, but when you actually look at the radio in person, you really don't see anything out of the ordinary.  As is the case with all these German radios, we replace weak and defective tubes, change capacitors, align and tune the radio for top performance.  This radio is no exception and is sold with our new radio warranty.  The radio has a green tuning eye that is very bright since it is a new eye tube.  The knobs are flawless as well as the piano keys and tuning dial glass.  All in all, a wonderful example of post WWII German technology.  This radio is sold with our new radio warranty.

$ 495.00

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This is another wonderful late 1950's German AM-FM-Shortwave radio in restored electrical condition.  This Emud model has a wood case that has not been restored but is in good condition with a few  blemishes that would indicate it has been used over the past 50 years.  The radio itself has been restored with a new bright green tuning eye, some new tubes, new capacitors and tuning up.  The wood case, although having a few blemishes, looks to have been sprayed with a laquer.  You might want to refinish the cabinet to make it look new again, but then again, it looks nice just as it is.  This radio has the american FM band, full bass and treble controls and tone presets that are fairly common with some of the better German radios.  This one is blonde and a terrific sounding radio.  Sold with our new radio warranty.

$ 395

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This Telefunken looks like its been a  time warp for the past 50 years because it looks like it just came off the factory assembly line.  This Jubilate model is one of the models revered by collectors worldwide.  It is an AM-FM-Shortwave radio that has a green tuning eye, AM, FM and Shortwave reception.  It has bass and treble sound controls and a flawless wood case (as you can see in the pictures).  This radio was restored electrically, but we did nothing physically since it is in mint condition.  The green tuning eye is very bright and this is easy listening at its best!  I listened to it in my office for several days just to test it out and to enjoy it.  This is a collector radio, most of which are in the hands of German radio fanatics.  It is sold with a new radio warranty.

Sorry, SOLD



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