Due to a massive attack by spam robots on our site, orders being made on our secured order form are difficult to find due to the fact that we are getting over 500 spam orders each day.

So for the present, there are two ways to place an order.  We have a shopping cart system that is on our primary web page, "http://www.radioera.com" and there is a window that
you can use to search for the item that you are looking for.  There is information provided on our primary web page that can instruct you how to do the searches.  If you find what you
are looking for, you can purchase it and the shopping cart system will take you through the process and will also take your credit card payment or paypal payment securely and we
will receive the order.  In this method your credit card information is processed by our card processor in an encrypted mode so it is very secure.   However, many of you got to our
web page with the manual listings using Google or some other search engine and you never got to see our primary web page.  This is the reason that we put a "buy it now" button
on each of our manual listing pages as well as others to give you the opportunity to purchase securely on-line.  Until we can work out a better way to handle the massive amount
of spam orders we are getting, we've taken our order page off the web and ask that you just give us a phone call.  Our number is
214-358-5195 and you can ask questions as well
as place an order for whatever you are wanting to purchase.  We appreciate your business and making these phone orders while we figure out a way to get rid of all of the unwanted
spam.  We will take verbal orders until we can figure out a better way to get rid of the unwanted SPAM !


AGAIN, CALL 214-358-5195 TO PLACE A VERBAL ORDER or you can go to our primary webpage and try the shopping cart system to place an order.