The following list are miscellaneous items that were apparently overstocked when we used to be in the video business.

Most items are NOS (NEW OLD STOCK) and unused.  Those items that are NOS are so designated, those not so
designated may have been used but are believed to be working.  We invite any questions that you might have and
due to not having any item about original price, these items are not priced and we ask that you call and offer a price
for them.

We have many more items that we will be posting in this sale.  Most of the items that we have were related to the
broadcast and closed circuit television business that we were involved with from about 1984 to 2000.  All of
these items belong to Electro Communication Systems, Inc. and are consigned to our subsidiaries, Radio
Era Archives and AG Tannenbaum whose websites are being used to post these items. After a period of time
yet to be determined, these items are not sold our website, we will then post them on Ebay to perhaps get a
larger audience that could possibly use these items.


5    Extron AD2-300 RGBS analog high resolution 1x2 output distribution amplifiers, NOS
2    Extron DB9 1x4 output distribution amplifiers, USED
8    Panafax FM-100 Rolls Panafax paper, NOS
5    Panasonic RD-9671 Rolls thermal paper, NOS
5    2' SVHS (S-Video) cables
8    Panasonic Dubrom V1.32 manuals for TQ3031F & TQ3032F optical recorders/players
1    Panasonic Dubrom V1.30 manuals (same as above optical machines)
2    ECS Worldlink Traaveler portable video/audio/fax teleconferencing systems in cases
      (Video/Audio conferencing on regular audio land lines), NOS
1    Crystal Topaz Pro V4.2 software for PC, NOS
1    Crystal Desktop Animator software for PC, NOS
1    Crystal Designer software for PC, NOS
1    Crystal Software Uptate CD for above, NOS
1    Netopia 4522 T1 Router firewall VPM 10/100 w/power supply
4    Panasonic AG-1A232TC-P NOS Interfaces
1    Panasonic KXPDP1 Developer (works with KXP450 printer), NOS
6    Panasonic KX-P1524 ribbon for wide body Panasonic printers, NOS
2    Panasonic LM-R650A read-write optical cartridges, NOS
1    Panasonic LMD-702W 1gb rewritable optical disc, NOS
2    Panasonic LV-K001 optical disc cleaning kit, NOS
4    Panasonic LF-K008 lens cleaning kit, NOS for LF3000 optical disc machines
6    Panasonic KXP450 toner kits (for KXP450 laser printers), NOS
3    York Controls RB-4 Interfaces, NOS
1    York Controls RB-1A Interface, NOS
1    York Controls PB10 Universal power supply, NOS
1    York Controls SI-10 slide projector interface, NOS
1    York Controls IRL-1 Infrared learner w/rack mount interface
2    Vikon rack mount kits for B&W & Color (small) video monitors (9"&12", 13"color)

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We invite phone inquiries at 214-358-5195.
Items posted 5/20/12.