This is a clearance of test, radio communication, Aircraft Navigational, Military, Vintage radio  equipment items that have been acquired from auction sales, flea market sales, and from estates.  All equipment is sold as is and where is and is untested except as noted.  Most of the precision laboratory equipment came from the estate of an FCC engineer well known for his collection of communication equipment items.  He was the head engineer in charge of the Dallas, Texas FCC office.  Small sized items that will fit into a priority mail flat-rate box will be priced including freight charges at the flatrate postal price with the automatic $ 50 insurance being in effect.  Larger items will not be priced including USA freight until we receive an inquiry about packing, shipping and insurance costs.  To purchase or inquire about an item, send an email to our email address which is "radioera@yahoo.com" or just pick up your phone and call is M-F 11AM - 4PM Central time.  We will return all calls if we miss your call, so make sure you leave a message (S L O W E L Y), so we can get an accurate area code and phone number.  We accept cash payments, paypal payments, USPO Money Orders and all major credit cards.  Our shopping cart on-line ordering system is not functional for flea market items that you will find in this list.  Phone inquiries go to 214-358-5195.  Email inquiries must be sent to "radioera@yahoo.com".  All export destination shipments must be quoted for proper postage or shipping charges.  Heavy items can be air shipped by DB Shenker to closest local airport where Shenker has an office.  All export shipments are shipped without prepaid customs fees and you pay customs at your destination.  We will quote all export freight and handling charges and all fees must be paid before shipment.



FMT1001 AWS DSA-2007 Digital volt-ohm-ammeter, including probes, clamp, measures up to 750V, 200A & 600A,  Comes with portable case 25.00 14.00  
FMT1002 Weston 341 Lab standard HF precision voltmeter in large wood case w/latching top 45.00 Inquire  
FMT1003 Weston PX-4 Portable lab standard ammeter w/scales of 3,  30, 300 amps 30.00 14.00  
FMT1004 Triplett   In-line AC ammeter in plastic case w/female AC socket to test current for any AC device, this item has been tested.  A very handy device to have in any shop, measures up to 3 amps 35.00 14.00  
FMT1005 NRI 70 Complete tube tester in wood case with latching lid, has paperwork and roll chart for tube settings 85.00 30.00  
FMT1006 Weston DC-MA Precision portable DC-Mamp meter, large face meter w/50, 200 and 1000ma full scale 30.00 14.00  
FMT1007 RCA WV98C VTVM complete w/probes in good physical condition 30.00 14.00  
FMT1008 Weston   Lab standard, portable, AC Voltmeter, 25-500cycles, ranges 75 and 150Volts 30.00 14.00  
FMT1009 Weston   Lab standard, portable, AC Voltmeter, 25-1000cycles, ranges 150, 300 and 600 Volts 40.00 14.00  
FMT1010 Heath IM5218 VTVM with probe 25.00 14.00  
FMT1011  Sperry Snap 6 AC volt meter, ohm meter, amp meter w/clamp, self contained item 30.00 14.00  
FMT1012 Triplett 327T 0-10 DC Amp Meter in case with connection posts 12.00 14.00  
FMT1013 Simpson 026-9206-9 FAA voltmeter, 105-125VAC RMS, milspec quality, tested 20.00 14.00  
FMT1014 Simpson   Large Meter in case w/AC socket for external device testing, 0-50Amps, tested 35.00 14.00  
FMT1015 Eico 368 TV-FM Sweep Generator/Marker with probes 40.00 Inquire  
FMT1016 Sencore CA-12 Colorbar standard generator with documents and instructions on back of case 40.00 19.00  
FMT1017 Signal Corps SC-6128A, ML138 To be determined      
FMT1019 B&K 747 tube tester complete, not tested, meter and parts unit?? 50.00 Inquire  
FMT1021 Basecom   Power supply, 13.4 volts output @ 5 amps 35.00 Inquire  
FMT1022 Heath 2760 Power supply, 0-15DCV, 0-2.5 amps, battery eliminator, heavy duty, exc condx 60.00 Inquire  
FMT1023 HP 62215E Power supply, +/-15dcv@ 3amps 25.00 14.00  
FMT1024 HP 63005C Power supply, dual output, 180-250V-, 87-127V, 48-63 cycles, 4 amps max 65.00 Inquire  
FMT1025 Signal Corps TU5B Plug in coil set for BC-191 transmitter 18.00 Inquire  
FMT1026 Philco CR-2 Vintage early self-contained car radio, 6V, used external speaker, not built in (looking for it to take a picture) 25.00 Inquire  
FMT1027 Cadillac Standard Very early 6V auto radio w/built in speaker 50.00 Inquire  
FMT1028 Military ARC-R19(28v) Aircraft Radio receiver, 118-148MC, no dynamotor w/tubes in place 35.00 Inquire  
FMT1030 ARC Navy CBY52210 transmitter, 5.3-7Mc range, complete w/tubes 50.00 Inquire  
FMT1031 HomeMade XTAL Crystal radio w/machined parts, galena crystal and mount, in wood case, just add antenna wire and headphones and you are in business 50.00 Inquire  
FMT1032 General Radio 219M Decade condenser box, precision values 30.00 Inquire  
FMT1033 Heathkit RD-1 Vintage decade resistor box , vintage, probably first one made by Heath 22.00 14.00  
FMT1034 National Radio SOJ-3 Select-O-Jet Q-Multiplier, s/n 29511, used w/various National communication receivers 50.00 14.00  
FMT1035 Military TU10B Plug in coil set for BC-191 transmitter 15.00 Inquire  
FMT1036 HP DB/RMS Precision RMS voltmeter (tube unit) 50.00 Inquire  
FMT1037 Calrad 45-737 Power supply, 13.8vdc @ 6 amps 35.00 Inquire  
NORV1 Military APN-1 Mint, New Complete APN-1 Aircraft Radio Altimeter w/all parts, includes transmitter-receiver unit, shock mounting, altitude indicator, altitude limit switch, and AT-4/ARN-1 antenna assembly, system operates at 27V, includes duel indicators, dual antennas, and a bag of the 5 large mil spec connectors shown on front of APN-1 electronics..


NORV4 Collins TCS-7 (CWS-23270) Remote Control unit (Speaker) 125.00 18.00  
FM1038 National HRO50T1 Vintage high quality communications receiver in working condition.  Comes with plug in coil set "B" that covers from 14-30Mc.  Coil Sets A, C, and D being sold separately below.  This receiver is very clean inside but can use a little TLC from dust, etc on the case, but all in all, it is in nice vintage cosmetic condition.  There are two empty octal sockets on the chassis one of which is for a 100KC precision crystal for calibration and alignment.  We have a NOS Bendix octal crystal that should work perfectly and we will add it below.

350.00 Inquire  
FM1039 National HRO50T1 Coil Set A (14-30Mc) shown with Coils C&D sold below

50.00 14.00  
FM1040 Nationial HRO50T1 Coil Set C (3.5-7.3Mc) 25.00 14.00  
FM1041 National HRO50T1 Coil Set D (1.7-4.0Mc) 50.00 14.00  
FM1042 Bendix DC-9-M Precision 100KC crystal for calibration and alignment 45.00 14.00  
FM1043 Collins 32RS-1 Box of NOS spare parts including if transformers, coil stacks, crystal ovens (octal socketed), etc 100.00 19.00  
FM1044 Norco VGTR2 Radio-Telephone w/digital file instructions, working but not tested 30.00 Inquire  
FM1045 GE YGS-3 AM-FM signal generator (lab standard) 60.00 Inquire  
FM1046 Collins 302C-3 Wattmeter (case, meter, cable), does not have bi-directional signal block., not tested, but meter/case look fine 95.00 19.00  
FM1047 Kenwood MC-60 Desk microphone w/PTT switch and stand, good condition 90.00 14.00  
FM1048 Warwick   Warwick 6V early 30's car radio, 6V with built in speaker, all parts look complete, very clean with original paint, no rust 65.00 Inquire  
NORV7 ARC5 D-10A Radio dynamotor, NOS, type ARC-14482 , 28V input - 250V output, complete unit and mtg assembly 30.00 18.00 2
NORV8 ARC5 FL-30 Radio filter in cockpit switchagle control box 20.00 12.00 1
NORV10 ARC5 BC496A ARC radio control box (2-190-550kc, 3-6mc), (1-3-6mc, 6-9.1mc) $50 $12 3
NORV11 ARC5 BC451A ARC radio control box, controls up to 4 transmitters $90 $12 1

ARC style "L" knob/adaptors, Original condition in box, NOS

18.00 6.00 5
NORV14 ARC5 R27/ARC5 Looks new, no tubes, but we stock them all, has working dynamotor, receives 6 - 9.1MHz 60.00 18.00 1
NORV18 ARC5 FT-234A Western Electric ARC dual radio rack mount $65 TBD 2
NORV46 ARC5 BC442A Antenna Relay Box, as is $50 $12 3
NORV51 ARC5 T20/ARC5 Case only, 4-5.3mc tuning, external physical case only $ 20 $12 1
NORV21 Collins BOOK Highly valued Collins Hardcover Book "THE FIRST 50 YEARS - A HISTORY OF COLLINS RADIO COMPANY and the COLLINS DIVISIONS of ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL - Original Excellent to mint Condition book with cover and cover protector (Book is in color), First Edition, 1983, 220 pages $ 75 $12 1
NORV22 Collins BOOK The Bible of SSB, "SINGLE SIDEBAND PRINCIPALS AND CIRCUITS" by E. W. Pappenfus, Warren B. Bruene and E.O. Schoenike, Published by McGraw-Hill in 1964.  This hard cover book is in excellent to mint condition with cover, 382 pages, This book has been acclaimed as the first and last word about SSB Principles and Circuits!  A very hard to find book by the originator of SSB technology. $50 $12 1
NORV23 Collins BOOK SSB, first edition hard cover book, 1962, 144 pages, Book is in excellent to mint condition $35 $12 1
NORV24 Collins PRICES Collins SSB original price schedule dated 1960, excellent to mint condition $ 9 $ 1 1
NORV25 Collins CATALOG HF Communication Equipment 1964-1965.  A complete equipment catalog for anyone interested in Collins Radio HF Equipment.  This is not an amateur catalog but is a full range catalog of airborne, fixed station, mobile. shipboard and more communications equipment and accessories built by Collins Radio.  A Collins lovers dream catalog in excellent to mint condition, 160 pages $30 $12 1
NORV26 Collins MANUAL Collins 32S-1 Transmitter manual, excellent to mint condition, 46 pages including fold-out schematics $35 $7 1
NORV27 Collins CATALOG Collins Amateur Radio Equipment Catalog #32 dated 1964.  Catalog is in excellent to mint condition.  24 pages with 3 hole punched holes to secure in a 3-ring binder.  Shows ALL the Collins amateur equipment $18 $7 3
NORV28 Collins CATALOG Collins KWM-2 (Color Advertising Piece) with color original sheets for 302C-3 directional wattmeter, PM-2 portable power supply and carrying case, 189A-2 phone patch and KWM-2 fold-out brochure (as advertised in the 1960 Radio Amateur Handbook published by ARRL. $18 $7 1
NORV29 Collins LOG BOOK Log of Amateur Radio Station " ".  Original 36 page Amateur Radio log book published by Collins Radio in excellent to mint condition. $ 9 $ 1 4
NORV30 Collins LOG BOOK Log of Amateur Radio Station " ".  Original 36 page Amateur Radio log book published by Collins Radio in a few pages of used condition. $4 $1 1


NORV31 Collins MANUAL Collins 32S-3 Transmitter manual, professionally reprinted and bound manual, 4th edition, published 1966 $20 $ 7 1
NORV32 Collins CATALOG Collins Amateur Equipment, published 1975-76.  Excellent condition, RED Book, showing Rockwell's Ham Radio Offerings in 1975 for the KWM-2A, 75S-3C, 32S-3A. 30L-1, 30S-1 and accessories.  16 page booklet, 2nd edition, printed 1975 $18 $ 7 1
NORV33 Collins CATALOG Collins Mechanical Filter catalog, reprint 13 pages, 1971.  Everything you ought to know about Mechnical Filters designations $18 $ 3 2
NORV34 Colliins CATALOG Rockwell Amateur Products, Color catalog, printed 1979 incl Pro-MARK KWM-380, includes Hamtronics sales prices of close-out products and Collins Radio direct closeout prices and products. $18 $ 3 2
NORV35 Rockwell LOG BOOK Amateur Radio Station Log, printed by Rockwell in 1979. Excellent unused condition $ 9 $ 1 1
NORV36 Collins MANUAL Collins 312B-4 and 312B-5 Station Control manual, original good condition, 16 pages $20 $ 7 1
NORV37 Collins CATALOG Collins Price Schedule, Amateur Radio Equipment, dated 1968, 12 pages, excellent condition $15 $ 7 1
NORV38 Collins CATALOG Collins Price Schedule, Amateur Radio Equipment, dated 1966, 12 pages, excellent condition $15 $ 7 1
NORV39 Collins CATALOG Collins 1st Edition Print (Black & White), 1970 (see 2nd edition NORV32) printed in color $18 $ 7 2
NORV40 Collins PRICES Collins Amateur Radio Equipment, dated 1963, original price list $ 9 $ 1 1
NORV41 Collins PRICES Collins Amateur Radio Equipment, dated 1965, original price list $ 9 $ 1 1
NORV42 Collins CATALOG Collins Mechanical Filter catalog, Original 13 pages, 1971.  Everything you ought to know about Mechnical Filters designations,hard to find original catalog $28 $ 3 1
NORV43 Collins PRICES Collins Amateur Radio Equipment, Original 12 pages, printed 1972, excellent condition $18 $ 3 1
NORV44 Collins LOG BOOK Log of Amateur Radio Station " ".  Spirial bound, about 100 pages, condition good to excellent, printed 1969 $ 15 $ 7 1
NORV45 Collins CATALOG Introducing Collins S/Liine of Amateur SSB Equipment, thought to be the first color catalog of Collins SSB Equipment, has no date stamp, but has a "received" date in 1960 stamped on the back shows 32S-1, 75S-1,  30S-1 original offering equipment. $ 20 $ 7 1
NORV54 ARC BC450A ARC Western Electric NIB radio control box, for 200-550kc, 3-6MHz, 6-9MHz $450.00 $12 1
NORV57 KENWOOD TM231A Kenwood 2M transceiver, NEW IN BOX, Never Used, Mint, including coil cord microphone $150 $20 1
NORV58 DIALS Box 5 Old style antique radio tuning dials (1-Lot) $20 $12 1
NORV59 COLLINS CWS23270 Remote Control Unit (NOS), part of TCS-7 w/internal speaker and control cable/plug $70 $25 1
NORV60 MILITARY HEADSETS WWII Signal Corps aviation headsets in excellent condition with rubbber cushions and NOS leather /rubber headband, type R14 w/PL354 conn. $50 $13 8
NORV61 MILITARY CONNECTORS 8 pin F-F connectors, WWII $10 $6 2
NORV62 MILITARY MUFFS High Altitude pilot headset leather cushions $18 $6 2
NORV63 MILITARY RUBBER MUFF Military aviator pilot head set muffs $10 $6 4
NORV64 MILITARY MC385B Hi-Z to LowZ Military headset impedance transformer $15 $6 1
NORV65 MILITARY SC9336 Headset interface w/PL540 plug $8 $6 1



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