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The following list is a random list of equipment we have been hoarding and have acquired from various sources, flea-markets, estate sales, ham sales, garage sales, junk yards even more obscure out of the way places where radio equipment was lurking.  We will, at least attempt to categorize this equipment to try to make it easier. . . .The items listed are to be sold "as found", in exactly the same condition as we found them.  We will attempt to give an overall description of the item and its condition, but electrically each item is untested unless otherwise stated and is to be sold on an as is-where is basis, FOB Dallas, Texas.  We will pack and ship any item anywhere in the world at the buyers expense.  We will price these items on the equipment items such as power supplies, military receiver, military transformers as we have time to make the posting.  We also have a large list of original manuals and have priced them accordingly and they are listed as OLD BOOK LIBRARY with a hyperlink below.  Items such as VACUUM TUBES are priced and are for sale and available in a separate list with a hyperlink below.  

Many of these items are almost impossible to find these days so take a look at this growing list to see if there is something you need.   On the more expensive items, we can provide a digital picture or link to a picture should you wish to purchase it but want to see what it looks like before doing so.  In some instances we will provide a hyperlink directly to a picture of the item. Click below if you have a question about any item.


Owners & Service Manuals

Old Book Library

Electronics Training Course Lessons

Test Equipment

Vacuum Tubes (all tested as good before shipment)

Electronic Parts - Misc Small Parts, Multi-Section Capacitors, Transformers, etc.

Items not underscored with a hyperlink are under construction but check back soon because we are adding a lot of different items for new estate sales