Thomas Edison should perhaps be more famous for inventing the phonograph than he should be for being acclaimed being the inventor of electricity, which he was not.  History was not kind to Mr. Tesla, but as Paul Harvey says . . "that's another story".  In any event, Edison invented and manufactured wonderful phonograph machines.  The earliest used wax cylinders and were recorded in 2 or 4 minute versions.  We have had hundreds of requests for cylinders for these players and were fortunate enough to get a continuing number of them.  We came across 600 of these 4 minute cylinders and these cylinders generally sold for $ 10 - $ 15 each depending on the recording material.  All of our cylinders have been the 4 minute ones.  You will find these cylinders every once in a while in antique stores in various places and we find prices ranging to $ 20 each for ones that are not damaged. We sold all the 600, but just got in some new ones.  All are in playing condition and have sleeves.

Current Stock - The following list is all 4 minute cylinders unless so noted and come with a sleeve, all cylinders are in good
condition and are playable except where noted.  All Edison cylinders are $ 12.00.  6 or more are $ 10.00 each.  To order fill in
the order entry form at the bottom of the page.  Please put title name and Edison number if it was given in the space. 
Just fill in all the blanks and don't forget your credit card data.  This is a secure order form.

Cylinder Title

Recorded By

Stock CK

Edison #

Any Little Girl, Etc Ada Jones Chorus yes 548
Aunt Mary's Recitation Humphrey yes 2539
Camp Songs US Army #1 Choros yes 3402
Dominion of Canada March Sodero's Band yes 2772
Hiawatha Laughing Water Sodero's Band yes 4156
Kerry Mills Barn Dance Band yes 1141
Laverne Waltz Caprice Saxaphone Solo yes 3737
Love's Old Sweet Song Venitian Instr. Trio yes 1886
Medley of Plantation Songs Quartette yes 3015
Sweet and Low Waltz Tuxedo Dance Orchestra yes 3950
That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone W.Oakland & Chorus yes 3876
The Angel's Serenade Margaret Keys yes 28109
The Horse Trot Band   yes 2076
The Ninety and Nine (5 minute special - rare) $ 22 Mixed Quartet yes  
Uncle Josh and the Insurance Company Stewart yes 913
Uncle Josh at the Roller Skating Rink Stewart yes 817
When you and I were young, Maggie Oakland & Chorus yes 1873
We/ll Do Our Share The Harmony Four yes 3551
Die Witwe Und Ihre Sieben Manner E. Balle yes 26200
Ballin' the Jack Fox Trot yes 2480
Vaudeville Sketch (cracked but may play) $ 6 House Cleaning Time yes 9955
Rock of Ages Edison Mixed Quartet yes 1633
A Christmas Song H. Macklin yes 23137
Annie Laurie & Home Sweet Home (Bells) Burckhardt yes 1760
My Isle of Golden Dreams - (Waltz) Tuxedo Dance Ochestra yes 3990
last stock check 11/20/2012      


We recently have added this category of Edison history.  The later Edison "thick" Records.  Below is a listing of what we have and a way to order as well.  We now have a good stock of the original "thick" Edison records.  The below listing is all of our current stock.  All are in good playing condition.  There are two sides to each record.  We will list the titles of both sides.  All the records are $ 10.00 each + S&H. 6 or more are $ 8.00 each.  Here is the current stock listing:  All records are very old and may have a few chips on the indexing ring (outer clear band)but all grooves are playable.

Edison Stock# Title Performer(s) Condition
52141 Together We Two
The Song is Ended But The Melody Lingers On
J.Donald Parker, Tenor Good
51085 Nellie Kelly I Love You
Call Me Back Pal, O'Mine
Charles Hart, Tenor
Elizabeth Spencer & Charles Hart
No Number On The Banks of the Brandywine
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
Tenor Solo w/vocalists/orchestra
Thomas Westerdorf/orchestra
No Number The Aba Daba Honeymoon
My Croony Melody
Fields & Donovan
Goetz & Goodwin
51690 Katy Hill
Cumberland Gap
Allen Sisson, champion fiddler
Same on both sides
80503 Memories of You in Dear Hawaii
By  the Babblin Brook
Lyric Male Quartet
Fagan & James-Whistling & Singing
80276 Abide With Me
When the Roll is Called up Yonder
Spencer & Chalmersl, Soprano & Baritone
Young & Wheeler, Baritone & Chorus
5164 Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Haul De Woodpile Down
Sam Patteron Trio
50607 Floatin Down to Cottontown
You're My Gal
Premier Quartet
Bernhardt & Hare, Duet w/Ochestra
50689 Uncle Josh's Birthday
Ragtime at Pun'kin Center
Cal Stewart - A rural scene
Cal Stewart - A rural scene
50303 Angels From The Realms of Glory
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
The Carol Singers
The Carol Singers
80350 All Through the Night (old Welch Air)
Loch Lomond (Old Scotch Song)
Betsy Shepherd, soprano w/ochestra
Marie Morrisey, Contralto w/ochestra
51212 Polly-Olly-Oo (said the Parrot to the Cuckoo)
Last Night on the Back Porch (I loved her best of all)
Green Bros. Novelty Band, Foxtrot
Green Bros. Novelty Band, Foxtrot
50369 On the Beach Medley
Medley of Hawaiian Airs-No. 2
Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra
Louise  and Ferera, Hawaiian Guitar
50524 Don't Cry, Little Girl, Don't Cry
Hesitation Blues
Maceo Pinkard, Tenor w/ochestra
Middleton-Smythe, comic song/ochestra
No Number Hilo March
Medley of Hawaiian Airs - No. 1
Louise & Ferreira, Hawaiian Guitar Duet Good
  MORE COMING SOON . . . .    


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