This section contains literature on classic antique radios.  This literature is reproduced only in packets.  A packet for a given receiver contains the Owner's Manual, The Technical Service Manual, Factory Sales Brochures, and Other Original Data on that specific set.  These "Classic" radio sets generally are large tube numbered receivers and/or consoles manufactured by E.H. Scott, McMurdo-Silver, Lincoln, Midwest, RCA, Stromberg-Carlson and perhaps a few others.  Those who have the large tube count radios are privileged to have the cream of the crop and the absolute top-of-the-line receivers ever made!  Manuals over 75 pages in size will be provided as a PDF file on CD-ROM media.

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The following code symbols are used in describing these packets . . .

OM = Owners Manual which usually contains installation, operation and maintenance information.
TM = Technical Service Manual that usually contains schematics, alignment and parts list.
SA   = Sales Brochures including factory ads, original price lists, etc.
MA = Magazine Articles which cover receiver tests, technical data and original announcements.
SD   = Special Data that usually has brochures and technical data specific to a given set.

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60001 World's Record Super 8 MA with schematic 28.00
60002 World's Record Super 9 TM, MA with schematic 28.00
60003 World's Record Super 10 MA, SD, large schematic 28.00
60004 World's Record Shield-Grid 9 OM, SD, MA w/schematic 28.00
60005 World's Record Shield-Grid 9-B MA w/schematic 28.00
60006 World's Record Screen-Grid 10 SA, MA, SD, OM w/schematic 28.00
60007 AC Symphony SA, SD and schematic 28.00
60008 Short Wave Converter SA, SD, MA w/schematic 28.00
60009 Allwave 12 (two dial tuning) OM, TM, SA, MA, SD 28.00
60010 Allwave 12 (Deluxe-single dial tuning) OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60011 Allwave 15 & Allwave 19 OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60012 Allwave Imperial (Full Range Hi-Fi) OM, TM, SA, MA, SD 28.00
60013 Allwave (2-Volt Battery) Schematic Only 28.00
60014 Quadrata & 48 Tube Scott SA, MA, Much SD, No schematic 28.00
60015 Philharmonic (AM only w/pointer dial) OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60016 Philharmonic (AM only w/beam of light) OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60017 Philharmonic (AM-FM) OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60018 Phantom (AM only 19 tube & deluxe 20 tube, includes 20 tube schematics) OM, TM, SA, MA, SD 28.00
60019 Phantom DeLuxe (AM-FM 28 tube) OM, TM, SA, MA, Much SD 28.00
60020 Scott 16-18 TM, SA, MA, Much SD, data on British version 28.00
60021 Super XII TM, SA, SD 28.00
60022 Laureate AM-FM OM, SD, schematics 28.00
60023 Scott Masterpiece OM, SA, SD, schematics 28.00
60024 Scott FM Tuner TM, SA, SD 28.00
60025 Scott Special Communications Receiver OM, TM, MA, SD, schematic 28.00
60026 Scott Autotrope (special automatic record changer) SA, SD 28.00
60027 Scott Telematic (clock controlled automatic tuner) SA 28.00
60028 Scott Tauscher Sound Board Tech. Data w/patents, SA, SD 28.00
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60029 RCK TM 32.00
60030 SLRH TM 32.00
60031 SLR-12A (Riders) SD, not the same as SLR-12B 32.00
60032 RCH TM 32.00
60033 SLRF TM 32.00
60034 SLRM TM 32.00
60035 RBO-2 & RBO-3 TM 32.00
Order items 60029 through 60035

60036 800B & 800B-6 OM, TM, SA, MA 25.00
60037 800BT (TV with 800B radio receiver) TM, SA 25.00
60038 Scott Export Receiver (Riders) TM only 25.00
60039 Scott Musicale (phonograph system) TM only 25.00
60040 16A (Metropolitan) TM only 25.00
60041 6T11 & 6T11A - Television Receiver TM only 25.00
60042 Scott Music Amplifier, Noise Suppressor TM only 25.00
60043 Scott FM Converter (old 40-50MHz band to 88-108) TM only 25.00
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60044 100 Audio amplifier TM only 15.00
60045 310 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) OM, TM 15.00
60046 500 (Kenilworth 510K & Sheffield 510S AM/FM/Phono) OM, TM 15.00
60047 510 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) OM, TM 15.00
60048 515 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) OM, TM 15.00
60049 1000 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) OM, TM 15.00
60050 1510 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) TM only 15.00
60051 2000 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) TM only 15.00
60052 2100 (AM-FM Radio Phonograph) OM, TM 15.00
60053 2510 (AM-FM/SW Radio Phonograph) TM only 15.00
60054 6100 Custom Amplifier OM only, no schematic 15.00
60055 9052 AM Tuner TM only 15.00
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60056 Scott Radio Labs - Televisions First Family - Literature Literature 10.00
60057 Photographs and Sales Data, c. 1950 Literature on various models, interesting reading 10.00
60058 John Meck Co., Scott Price List Price List 10.00
60059 "Mirror Tone" A Famous Scott Instrument c1955-1956 Latest Scott models, photos, etc 10.00
60060 "Much More Money" Meck-Scott Television Receivers 10.00
60061 Scott/Meck Annual Reports to Stockholders 1951-1953 & 1956 interesting data 10.00
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60062 "How to sell good custom built radio" The Scott Plan, c1929 Worlds record shield grid 9 12.00
60063 "An unanswered challenge", c1929 Worlds Record Shield Grid 9 Challenge 12.00
60064 "The Story of Advanced Design/Precision Engineering" C1929, A jaunt through the modern radio lab 12.00
60065 Sales Brochure c. 1929 Covering: WR Shield Grid 9, 10, Symphony models 12.00
60066 "Scott Custom Built Radio Receivers" c. 1932 including All Wave 2 dial tuning 12.00
60067 Allwave 12 Deluxe" - Technical Description of: Only receiver guaranteed to give daily world recept. 12.00
60068 Scott Custom Built Consoles c1933, Allwave 12 Deluxe 12.00
60069 A 24,000 Mile Radio Test on Land & Sea AW 12 Deluxe, c. 1933 12.00
60070 Scott Custom Built Consoles Allwave 15, c1934 12.00
60071 Scott Allwave Fifteen, c 1934 Technical Description 12.00
60072 Allwave Fifteen, c1934 Proof of Consistent Foreign Reception 12.00
60073 Allwave Imperial (Full Range Hi-Fi) World Finest Radio - testimonies for famous people 12.00
60074 Allwave Imperial (Full Range Hi-Fi) Scott Custom Built Consoles, c1936 12.00
60075 Announcing the New Scott Philharmonic, c1937 Pointer Dial AM literature 12.00
60076 Philharmonic Beam of Light Dial c. 1939, Scott Radio-Custom Built information 12.00
60077 Worlds Finest Radio "The Scott Philharmonic", beam dial literature 12.00
60078 "Custom Built to Order:, Worlds Finest Instruments AM/FM Philharmonic and AM/FM Phantom c 1940 12.00
60079 Scott Custom Built Radio-Special Deluxe  Installations AM/FM Philharmonic and AM/FM Phantom c 1940 12.00
60080 "From many hands comes this convincing testimony" List of names/address of Scott owners, c1940 12.00
60081 Scott Phantom Custom Built Radio, c1939, technical literature 12.00
60082 Achievement Through the Years Company History, c1944 12.00
60083 How to Choose Your Radio Receiver AW Imperial, c1936 12.00
60084 Story of Advanced Design and Precision Engineering" Very interesting reading of Scott technical prowess 12.00
60085 The One Radio You Have Always Wanted Phil. AM/FM, Phantom Deluxe & Masterpiece c.1941 12.00
60086 Personal Message for those who want more Scott Phonographs, c. 1940 12.00
60087 The Secret Of Scott Performance c. 1939, technical discussion of why Scott is better 12.00
60088 The Significance of the "M" Award c1943, List of Scott Employees 12.00
60089 Performance in Every Part of the World AW Imperial, Phantom AM 12.00
60090 Scott Custom Built Consoles, c 1941 AM/FM Phantom, Masterpiece, FM Tuner 12.00
60091 The Creation of a Masterpiece c. 1933, very interesting literature 12.00
60092 Read What World Record Radio Will Do For You Testimonial from many Scott owners, c. 1928 12.00
60093 "The Unrivaled Supremacy of the Shield Grid 9" c. 1929 Very interesting information about E.H. Scott 12.00
60094 Price Lists, c. 1939 Showing selling prices of sets in 1939 12.00
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60095 Masterpiece I Schematics & Advertisements 25.00
60096 Masterpiece II Schematic, Sales data, alignment data and more advertising information 25.00
60097 Masterpiece III Schematics, factory brochures, magazine articles, advertisements and other data 25.00
60098 Masterpiece IV Owners manual, factory technical data with schematics, magazine ads, articles and factory brochures 25.00
60099 Masterpiece V Owners manual, factory technical data with schematics, magazine ads, articles and factory brochures 25.00
60100 Masterpiece VI Owners manual, factory technical data with schematics, magazine ads, articles and factory brochures 25.00
60101 World Wide 9 Owners Manual, factory technical data with schematics, magazine ads, articles and factory brochures 25.00
60102 15-17 Schematic of British model only plus other data 25.00
60103 801 & 802 Schematics only 25.00
60104 R9 Antenna and antenna tuner (Silver Times 9/36 & 11/35) 25.00
60105 5D The Radio Professional Schematic & Data 25.00
60106 Silver Packet Packet of McMurdo Silver literature - the Jones Super Gainer, Model 2B volume expander, The Orpheon, The 1933 Ham Super, Obituary for McMurdo Silver, Trade-in Certificate, letters to customers, McMurdo Silver patents, Silver Marshall Catalog and other data 25.00
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McMurdo-Silver almost impossible to find "Silver Times" Bulletins, Monthly Issues with
         very detailed information not available anywhere else on these fabulous receivers.

60193 Silver Times - Masterpiece III & World Wide Nine I Submit The Masterpiece III and World Wide Nine Receivers - Silver Times Oct. 1934 Issue 10.00
60194 Silver Times - Masterpiece IV Advance Announcement of the Masterpiece IV, Silver Times May 1935 Issue 10.00
60195 Silver Times - Technical Questions and Answers - Masterpiece IV Answers to and explanations of questions and "we are accustomed to this!" - Silver Times July 1935 Issue 10.00
60196 Masterpiece IV Masterpiece IV Outperforms Three of Market's Best 1936 Allwave Receivers - Silver Times November 1935 Issue 10.00
60197 Masterpiece IV How the 1936 Masterpiece IV Compares - Silver Times March 1936 Issue 10.00


60198 Masterpiece V Announcing the New Masterpiece V - Silver Times, No date, 1936 10.00
60199 Masterpiece V "The man who owns one says" - Silver  Times, July 1936 Issue 10.00
60200 Masterpiece V "What truly custom built means to you", - Silver Times, July 1936 Issue 10.00
60201 Masterpiece V "Laaboratories Move to Enlarge Again", - Silver Times, November 1936 Issue 10.00
60202 Masterpiece V "The facts of Admiral Byrd's use of Masterpiece radios, Silver Times, December 1936 Issue 10.00
60203 Masterpiece V "Bass Reflex & Oliver Amlie World DX Champion", Silver Times, January 1937 Issue 10.00
60204 Masterpiece V "Lee DeForest; I watched them build my Masterpiece V", Silver Times, March 1937 Issue 10.00
60205 Silver 15-17 "The model 15-17", Silver times, September 1937 Issue 10.00
60205A Masterpiece V/Silver Times "Technical issue about Masterpiece V and non dated Silver Times pages, no date 10.00
60324 Originial Masterpiece "Masterpiece 1", Silver Times, October 1933 Issue 10.00
60325 Masterpiece II & Admiral Byrd "Masterpiece II & Admiral Byrd Expeditions, Silver Times, August 1933 10.00


60329 15 Issues of above Silver Times All 15 issues of above items 60193-60205A and 60324-60325 on CD-ROM as PDF files 120.00


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