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SKU	 COMPANY        MODEL           DESCRIPTION                     		TYPE    PRICE
R4047	 Collins Radio	F-871U		Bandpass Filter-Navships 94984 Military Manual	OP/SER	$29.00o(x1.5)CD
R4050	 Collins Radio	51N-5		HF Receiver Instruction Manual  		OP/SER  $25.00o(x1.5)
R4128	 Collins Radio	MR-201		VHF-FM Maritime Transceiver  			OP/SER	$35.00o(x1.5)CD
R4129	 Collins Radio	548Y-2		Power Amplifier					OP/SER	$45.00o(x1.5)CD
R4050	 Collins Radio	51N-2B		HF SSB Receiver					OP/SER	$40.00o(x1.5)
R4130	 Collins Radio	548U-1		HF Linear Amplifier				OP/SER	$65.00o(x1.5)CD
R4107	 Collins Radio	AN/ARC-58(XA-1) Radio Set (very large manual)   		OP/SER $130.00o(x1.5)DVD
R4106	 Collins Radio	AN/FRT-22	Radio Transmitting Set 500+ pages		OP/SER $130.00o(x1.5)DVD
R4000	 Collins Radio	HF RECEIVERS	General Purpose HF Receivers,51S-1,651S-1 broch	DATA	$15.00o(x2)
R5691	 Power Designs	AEC-320-3	Power Supply instruction manual			OP/SER $ 20.00o(x1.5)
R5690	 Sams		TR-227		Tape Recorder Service Manual..Centrex		SER	$20.00o(original only) 
					SK-1KU/P/YP, Fisher CR-5125,GE 3-5227A,Panasonic 	
					RX-1810A/C, Sharp GF-1850,Technics RS-M04		
R5689	 Sams		MHF-159		Modular HI-FI Service Manual..Fisher RS-2004,   SER	$20.00o(original only)
					Emerson M-2388,	Harman-Kardon HK500, JCPenny 
					683-3710-00, Sony HST-48,Technics ST-C01/M/MC, 
					Wards GEN-6229A/B
R5688	 Sams		MHF-24		Modular HI-FI Service Manual..Emerson 31M17,    SER	$20.00o(original only)
					Fisher 250T,Hitachi KS-2210, Magnavox 2K8886, 
					Motorola SK102GW_SK107GM,Panasonic RE-7430, 
					Penncrest 6681, Pioneer SX-770, RCA RZC941W-K, 
					Wards Airline GEN-6031A, Westinghouse RCF9120A, 
					Zenith C587W
R5687	 Philips	L4D90AB		Annette 490 portable AM-FM-SW Radio		SER	$20.00
P507	 UTC		Transformers	UTC Transformer terminal arrangements 		DATA	$ 6.00
P681	 Atwater-Kent	Instructions	Vol. 1, Radio Instructions, published 1924	INST	$14.00
P2337	 Panoramic	Spectrum Anal-	Panoramic spectrum analyzer technical 		DATA	$12.00
P2331	 Military	SCR-274N	Conversion and extended range data 	 	DATA	$10.00
P1147	 Pilot		293		Pilot 293 6 tube tombstone technical discussion	ART/SCH	$10.00
PCB1691	 Morris		Coil Winding	Instructions for solonoid, comb & spider web 	INST	$ 8.00
P273	 Philco		90_90A_90E	Philco radio instruction manual for 3 models 	INST    $12.00
P2332	 Military	Command		Converting your first "Command" Receiver,  	ART	$10.00
P300	 Philco		Auto Radio	Service Manual of all Philco auto radios 	CD	$75.00 CD ONLY
					including index and 108 pages of service data & 
					schematics (all original Philco documentation
PCB1919	 Crosley	Broadcaster	3/15/1929 15 page publication including detail 	ART	$12.00
					on the Crosley Icyball Refrigerator	
P501	 Radio Stories	Magazine	March 1925, "How Radio Will Soon Rule the  	ART	$ 8.00
					World" including text by Alfred H. Grebe of the 
					Grebe Radio fame
P2541	 Forrest Frantz Magazine	Article, "shocking but true", how not to die of ART	$ 6.00
					electrical shock
P2315	 Radio News	Magazine	Article, "Power Supply Filter Design" 		ART	$ 7.00
P2320	 Popular Elect.	Magazine	Article, "Bigger bass from Broadcast Sets" 	ART	$ 5.00
					circuit	and discussion on how to enhance/the 
					bass response of most older AC-DC receivers
R5696	 Gernsback	Publisher	Book, "point to point resistance measurements", BOOK	$15.00o(original only)
					the modern method of servicing radio receivers 
					by Clifford Denton, one of the books from the
					Radio-Craft Library.
R5695	 Sylvania	How To		Make a transistorized portable radio and 20  	BOOK	$15.00o(original only)
					other practical applications for RF transistors
P453	 Thordarson	Catalog 400C	Complete transformer catalog from 1938-1939	CAT	$22.00
P258	 Thordarson	Catalog 400CX	Complete transformer catalog for  1939		CAT	$22.00
P998	 Thordarson	T-13S38_T-17S57	Universal Output transformers technical data	DATA	$ 8.00
			& T-57S01
P205	 Ohmite		Chart		Parallel Resistances, Series Capacitances 	INST	$ 8.00
					calculation chart with instructions on how to do 
					the calculation
P621	 Quam-Nichols	Transformer	Instructions for transformers 750_751_752_787 	DATA	$ 5.00
					coupling tube or tubes to voice coil
R5694	 Radio Magazine	TVI		TVI Interference, its causes and cures,complete BOOK	$20.00o(original only)
					65 page original book and first edition of this 
					important subject published in 1948
P615	 RCA		Catalog 211	Commercial Sound Catalog by RCA including early CAT	$28.00
					microphones, floor stands, speakers, systems, 
					amplifiers and much more.  Includes amplifier 
					specifications, transcription turntables, 
					record changers, antennas, sound system parts, 
					intercom systems and more
R5693	 E.H. Scott	Allwave Antenna	The new scott allwave super antenna system,  	INST	$14.00
					instructions for installation
P2144	 Thordarson	Catalog 400X	Complete transformer catalog, 1941, specs	CAT	$18.00
R5692	 Mallory	Vibrator Guide	Complete Mallory vibrator catalog, 1947, 38 	CAT	$24.00
					pages of technical info	
P617	 Simplex	Projectors	Catalog of parts and prices			CAT	$10.00
PCB1645	 Western Elec.	63A,59A,59B,	Sales & Technical brochure and data 		SPEC	$14.00
		 	& 57A
P2138	 Thordarson	Catalog 400GX	Complete transformer catalog, 1947		CAT	$22.00
P2474	 Pacific Radio	Cathode Modul-	Frank C. Jones, Cathode Modulation for 		BOOK	$45.00 CD ONLY
					economical radiotelephony, a very complete 
					technical manual on how to build early cathode 
					modulation transmitters with examples of various 
					types by RCA, Raytheon, Taylor,includes 
					schematics, technical data and more
P668	 Western Elec. 	15A		Station speech input equipment, technical 	DATA	$25.00
P665	 Western Elec. 	69A		WE Amplifier Owners Manual w/instructions	OP	$25.00
P664	 Western Elec. 	94A		WE Amplifier Owners Manual w/instructions	OP	$25.00
P666	 Western Elec. 	70A		WE Amplifier Owners Manual w/instructions	OP	$25.00
R5697	 CDE 		Catalog		CDE Replacement Guide for CD Vibrators		CAT	$20.00
R5698	 Physics Inst.  The Laser	Book all about lasers by the American Institute BOOK	$30.00
P456/457 Rider		Tape Recorder	Riders Specialized Tape Recorder Manual, Vol. 1 CD 	$59.00 CD ONLY
			Vol. 1		B&H,Columbia,Brush,Crescent,Daystrom,Eicor,
					Pentron,RCA,Revere,V-M,	Webster-Chicago, Webster 
					Electric  and Wilcox-Gay(Recordio)
R5699	 Kenwood	MC-50		MC-50 owners manual		635		OP	$10.00
R5700	 Bird		Model 43	Bird Thruline RF Directional Wattmeter		OP/SER	$22.00
P450	 Thordarson	Cat 243/243S	Thordarson complete transformer catalogs, 1938	CAT	$25.00
P669	 Western Elec.	Studio Equip.	Studio Speech Input Equipment 			DATA	$20.00
R5701	 Western Elec.	59B		Amplifier schematics				SCH	$18.00
P376	 Thordarson	Catalog 352F	Replacement Transformer Encyclopedia, 1941	CAT	$22.00
P380	 Thordarson	Catalog 7th Ed.	Service Guide & Replacement catalog, 1941	CAT	$22.00
P445	 Thordarson	Catalog 342A	Servicemen's Guide Catalog, 1935		CAT	$22.00
P443	 Thordarson	Catalog 346A	Sound Amplifier Transformer Manual, 1934	CAT	$22.00
P444	 Thordarson	Catalog 344A	Transmitter Guide - Transformer Manual, 1934	CAT	$22.00
P451	 Thordarson	Catalog 243S	Transformer Catalog, Riders V8, for 1937 & 1938 CAT	$16.00
P452	 Thordarson	Catalog 243D	Transformer Catalog, Riders V9, for 1938 & 1939 CAT	$16.00
P449	 Thordarson	Catalog 342C	Radio Service Guide - Transformers, 1938	CAT	$22.00
P448	 Thordarson	Catalog 344C	Transmitter Guide, 1938				CAT	$22.00
P378	 Thordarson	Catalog 400A	Complete Transformer Catalog, 1937		CAT	$22.00
R5702	 AIWA		AD-WX200/WX20	Double Cassette Deck service manual 		SER	$12.00 FISCHE
R5703	 JVC		HR-D400U	Cassette Recorder factory service manual	SER	$30.00
R5704	 Randix		RCC89		Clock radio/cassette player owners manual	OP	$12.00
R5705	 Sony		SPP-A945	Cordless phone/answering system owners manual	OP	$25.00
P1869	 Gernsback	Basic Radio	Course by John Frye, omplete basic radio course BOOK	$39.00 CD ONLY
P635	 Silvertone	8127		Radio-Phono-Wire Recorder Console ( 4 parts )	OP/SER  $49.00 CD ONLY
P2351	 Popular Elec.	Florescents	The electronics of florescent lamps, artiicle	ART	$10.00
P459	 JW Miller	Catalog 61	General Catalog & Replacement Guide, 1961,175pg	CAT	$39.00 CD ONLY
R5706	 JW Miller	Catalog 62	General Catalog of Coils, 47 pages,1962 printed CAT	$28.00
P663	 Western Elec.	92B		Amplifier owners manual w/schematic		OP/SCH	$25.00
P667	 Western Elec.  22B & 22C	Speech Input Equipment owners manual/sch	OP/SCH  $25.00
P1048	 JW Miller	Catalog 166	Miller Coil Replacement Guide, 1966		CAT	$28.00
P511	 Merit		Catalog 5411	Merit Coil & Transformer Catalog, 1953		CAT     $25.00
R5707	 Heathkit	GP-21		Automatic Battery Charger			ASSY/OP $20.00
R5708	 Heathkit	NE-2112		Heat Sniffer					ASSY/OP $25.00
R5709	 Heathkit	CI-2065		Charging System Tester				ASSY/OP $25.00
R5710	 Radio Shack	EC-330		Directory Organizer				OP	$29.00 CD ONLY
PCB1455	 Western Elec.	Audio Equip.	Detailed Catalog of WE audio equipment incl:	CAT	$49.00 CD ONLY
					microphones, reproducersconsoles, amplifiers, 
					indicators, speakers, power units, misc items
P2129	 Stancor	Catalog 140G	Standard Transformer Corp. Catalog, 1946	CAT	$22.00
R5711	 Thordarson	Catalog 341/X	Replacement Catalog 341 & 341X, 1935		CAT	$12.00
R5712	 Thordarson	Catalog 343	Transmitter Transformer Catalog, c.1935		CAT	$12.00
P316	 Benson		BOOK		Early 1924 Book, "How to locate troubles in 	BOOK	$25.00
					your radio set" by EICO's founder 	
P2123	 JW Miller	Catalog 157	Miller Coil TV technicians replacement guide	CAT	$29.00
P2137	 Thordarson	Catalog 400E	Complete transformer catalog, 1941		CAT	$25.00
R5713	 Mallory	Catalog-1941	Complete Mallory products catalog, 		CAT	$25.00
P618	 Western Elec.	Turntable/Proj. Operating Instructions for non-synchronous  	OP	$25.00
					turntable and Western Electric sound projector 
					system for theatres
P619	 Western Elec.	Synchronous 	Operating instructions for synchronous 		OP	$25.00
			Reproducers/	reproducing equipment andWestern Electric sound 
					projector system for theatres Projector Sys
B32	 William B.Duck	Catalog 16	William B. Duck Radio & Electrical Supplies 	CAT	$50.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					original catalog, intact, Fair-Good Condition, 
					printed 1921, 272 page very early radio catalog
B32	 Floyd Clymer	Wireless&Radio	"A Pictorial Album of Wireless and Radio" from 	BOOK	$40.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					1905-1928.  This is anearly radio book, 
					pictorial of early radio equipment, Book is in 
					goodcondition, soft cover, 225 pages
5714 	 Radio Shack	14-815	        Realistic MinisettII Owners Manual w/sch	OP/SCH  $14.00 
5715	 Heathkit	HD-1274		Outlet Box Instruction Manual			OP	$10.00 
5716	 Radio Shack	20-217		Realistic DX-342 Instruction Manual		OP	$20.00 	
5717	 DAK		Station Stalker Dak Shortwave Antenna Booster (amplified)	OP	$12.00 
5718	 Radio Shack	14-1112		Optimus CTR-107 Owners Manual, no schematic	OP	$16.00 
5719	 Camera Dir.	180		150 page camera directory catalog, c. 1952 	CAT	$15.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5720	 Booklet	Original	Texas Broadcaster Booklet, softcover,August1939	BOOK	$10.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5721	 Telefunken	Bajazzo 56	Service manual, 956 for portable AM-FM-SW Radio	SER	$22.00 
5722	 E.F.Johnson	Viking II	Johnson Viking II original 			OM/SER  $25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5723	 Radio Club	First SW Msg	Radio Club of America, 1950, original magazine  BOOK    $25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5724	 Hickok		752		Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Manual	BOOK	$35.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5725	 Zenith		7G605		Transoceanic Instruction Manual (RARE)		BOOK	$50.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5726	 Collins	312B-4/312B-5	Original Station Control Owners Manual/Service	BOOK	$25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5727	 Pilot		PT-1040A	Hi Fi Radio Phonograph Instruction Manual	OM	$12.00 
5728	 Garrard	RC-88		Original product brochure			ADV     $10.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5729	 General Elec.	RPJ Instruction RPH Slide In Stylii installation sheet		OP	$10.00 
5730	 DeForest	427 Audion	Early tube instructions & technical data	OP	$10.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5731	 Zenith		12H090-094	Radio Phono Combination, instruction manual	OP	$16.00 
5732	 Bird		Model 43	Bird Thruline RF Directional Wattmeter		OP/SER	$20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5733	 General Elec.	TV Relaying	A Development of GE TV Engineers, Original,1940 BOOK    $15.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5734	 UREI		535/533		UREI 535 dual graphic equalizer & 533           OP/SER  $25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
5735	 Rauland	FAX250		250Watt Power Amplifier				OP/SER  $25.00
5736	 Dukane		1A729A/1A731A	60 watt, 120 watt ampliifers			OP/SER  $25.00
5737	 E-V		EQ-131		31 band 1/3 Octave Equalizer			OP/SER  $25.00
5738	 E-V		7300A		Stereo Power Amplifier				OP/SER  $25.00
5739	 TOA		AX-1000A	Automatic Mike Mixer				OP	$25.00
5740	 MARANTZ	PMD501/502	Stereo Cassette Deck, Professional		OP	$25.00
5741	 Panasonic	AG-1300		Professional Cassete Deck Instructions		OP	$25.00
5742	 TOA		A903/906/912	Mixer Power Amplifiers, Operating Instructions  OP      $25.00
5743	 Dukane		1A1520		Public Address Amplifier, Operating 		OP/INST $25.00
5744	 TOA		A503A/506A/512A Mixer Power Amplifiers, Operating Instructions	OP	$25.00
5745	 Peavey		IPS400		Dual channel power amplifier			OP/INST $25.00
5746	 Dukane		1A3125		125watt power amplifier				OP/SER  $25.00
5747	 Blonder-Tongue FAVM-450	Frequency Agile Modulator			OP	$25.00
5748	 Dukane		1A4250		250 watt power amplifier			OP	$25.00
5749	 Dukane		1A4125		125 watt power amplifier			OP	$25.00
5750	 Rauland	2135		Amplifier, 35watt				OP	$25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY		
B32	 GE	        Transistor	GE Transistor Manual, 660 pages, softcover book	BOOK    $20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 HOWARD SAMS	Transistor	Transisstor Specifications manual, softcover    BOOK    $15.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					book, 155 pages 	       
B32	 LENGYEL	LASERS		Lasers, generation of light, hardcover book	BOOK	$18.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32      BIRNBAUM	OPTICAL MASERS  Optical Masers, hardcover book, 306 pages	BOOK    $20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 HAYDEN BOOKS   ELECTRONICS 1-7 2nd Edition, 7 books in one on all aspects of   BOOK    $35.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					electronics, edited by 	Harry Mileaf, Editor, 
					hardcover, 1000 pages				
B32	 AMERICAN INST  STEEL CONST.    1941 Standards Book, hard cover, 417 pages	BOOK    $20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY

B32	 ITT		REFERENCE DATA  Radio Engineers, data book, hardcover, 1130 pgs	BOOK    $20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 STEINBERG-FORD ELECTRICITY &   ELECTRONICS,4th Edition, hard cover, 450 pages  BOOK    $25.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 STEINVERG-FORD ELECTRICITY &   ELECTRONICS, Student Guide, softcover, 125 pgs	BOOK    $ 5.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 LENGYEL	INTRO-LASERS	Introduction to Laser Physics, hardcover,311pgs BOOK    $18.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 BROTHERTON	MASERS&LASERS   How they work, what they do, hardcover, 215pgs	BOOK    $15.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
B32	 RCA		RC-23 TUBE MAN. RCA Receiving Tube manual, RC-23, copyright1964 BOOK    $20.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					softcover, 606 pgs    
B32	 COYNE		COMPLETE SET	Radio-TV Electronics Training Series, 6 books, 6BOOKset$100.00 ORIGINAL ONLY
					excellent condition,    
B32					1-Radio&TV Principals, 2-Receivers, 3-Curcuits, 
					4-service instruments, 5-Troubleshooting, and