Electronic Training Course Lessons

The following are NRI Electronic Training Lessons available individually.  Each lesson is approximately 30 pages long.  Each title is $ 5.00 and is delivered in originnal printed form.  Each lesson has test questions for checking your learning.  Each lesson is a self-contained learning experience focused on the stated subject matter indicated with the titles.  All orders have a minimum of $ 10 + S&H. 

RF amplifiers for sound & tv communication
How detectors work in sound and television radio receivers
How practical requirements changed receiver circuits (from Crystals to Superhets)
Manual and automatic volume controls
How signal currents are kept in correct paths
The vacuum tube as an A.C. generator in radio & tv circuits
Peak & band-pass R.F. tuning circuits
Broadcast, all-wave & television superhetrodyne receiver principals
Tone control, volume expansion & noise limiting circuits
Light sensitive cells for control circuits
Loudspeakers and how they operate, Part 1
Loudspeakers and how they operate, Part 2
Meters for measuring current & the cathode ray oscillograph (oscilloscope)
Voltage measuring devices and their use
Resistance, capacity, inductance and frequency measurements
Tuning indicators and automatic frequency controls for radio receivers
How to use circuit diagrams and locate chassis parts
Behavior of radio waves and receiving antennas
Frequency-Modulated signals in the FM receiver
Automatic tuning control systems
DC and single phase AC generators and motors
Polyphase generaors, motors and motor-generators
High power rectifiers for radio transmitters
Manual, automatic & remote controls, and protective devices for transmitters
Storage batteries
The ARC transmitter
Impedance matching networks, pads and volume controls
Transmission lines and filters
Radio frequency stages of transmitters
Modulating and keying radio transmitters
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