Zenith 8G005 Series Trans-Oceanic Radio

The 8G005 series radio is a very rugged post WWII short-wave and broadcast portable radio.  It was the first post war T/O made by Zenith and was a "notch" up from other radios using a 5-tube design.  The 8G005 series uses 6 tubes and has a pair of audio tubes that provide very good fidelity and audio.  There were several series of these including the later chassis 8G005YTZ1 and 2 which used a miniature rectifier tube instead of the larger loctal type tube.  Zenith made over 110,000 of these radios and many are in every-day duty even today some 50 years later!  Actually a testament to the design of these radios by Zenith.  Below are several pictures of our museum example of this fine radio.

Note the removable wave-magnet antenna, extension cable and suction cups